"Shoe Capital of the Philippines"

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The Philippines' Duck Egg Capital

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Sarao Jeepney

If New York has its famed yellow cab and London has its tube (subway), then the Philippines has the jeepney as its most popular and widely recognized form of transportation.

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Parol Making

Christmas is the most, if not one of the most-anticipated holidays, in the Philippines. The most common decoration during this time of the year is the traditional "parol" or the Christmas Lantern.

One can find plenty of parol stalls in the city of Las Piñas where the parol making tradition has been around for decades.

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Nature Church

Nestled inside the city landscape of Las Piñas is the charming nook that is called Nature Church. This quiet spiritual sanctuary is a sprawling area of natural beauty. Inside the church grounds are full of tall and shady trees. The church itself is full of all things inspired by nature. A big statue of Jesus was put in a prominent position near the altar to complete this place of prayer and meditation.

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Heritage City famous for preserving its Spanish-era architecture, is now one of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World.

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Laguna is an important center for traditional Philippine handicrafts, one of the most important of which are the woodcarving and paper mache industries of Paete, embroidery tradition among the women of Lumban and slippers factory.

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Tagaytay City

For many years, Tagaytay city has been an attraction for foreign and local tourists, the highest point of Cavite province and from the city you can always have an amazing view of the famous Taal Lake and Taal Volcano as well. You would enjoy not only the beautiful scenery but the cool weather and food as well!

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