2016 Membership and Collectors' Kit Figurines

Celebrating The Joy of Friendship


Year 2015 celebrates the joy of friendship. From our earliest childhood play dates, unbeknownst to us, we learn the value of friendship. From something as small as a day at the park, taking turns going down your favorite twirly slide, you realize life's ups and downs really are better with a friend. You learn the importance of those special, simple times spent with friends, those days when nothing else in the world seems to matter except for the fun of the moment shared. Join the Collector’s Club and be part of a community that shares in your passion, inspiration and enthusiasm.


2015 Membership and Collectors' Kit Figurines

Loving starts with you and me,

Through your eyes the world I see,

Precious is our Family.


This year, the 2014 Club celebrates your family's story. You see, from the moment a couple expresses their feelings for one another their love story begins. First dates, an engagement, a wedding, kids, and eventually grandchildren, too. This whole story beautifully unfolds before you with Club membership.


We know that it is through stories like these that families continue to grow and strengthen. During this Club year we honor our beloved families -- we embrace our children and share their excitement and innocent perspective, and we praise our elders who share their valuable guidance and wisdom. Through our family, we learn the true meaning of loving, caring, and sharing. And this year, for the first time ever, our Symbol of Membership and Members' Only Figurines when placed together, create a beautiful moment in time to honor these most important bonds.



2014 Membership and Collectors' Kit Figurines

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