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     Precious Moments collectible figurines and gift items were first introduced in the Philippine market in 1980's.  It was in 2005 when Jojo's Christmas Cottage Industries in Aklan, Philippines was given exclusive rights to distribute Precious Moments in the Philippines. Later in 2010, it expanded its operation by opening its first branch in Metro Manila which was well received and embraced by Precious Moments buyers and collectors. It was in July of 2011 when the Philippine Precious Moments Collectors Club was formally organized with 55 active collectors as club members. The acceptance and growth of the club during the first year was phenomenal with collectors’ club members numbering over 1,000 as of December 2012. This extraordinary growth of the collectors club has led to a decision to reorganize the business in order to expand its operations while at the same addressing the growing demand of Precious  Moments products by registering MANILA PRECIOUS MOMENTS BY SAMUEL J. BUTCHER LIFESTYLE CORPORATION with  the Securities and Exchange Commission as a company with a primary objective of operating Cafes, Gift Shops, Museum, Restaurants, and similar ventures that address the needs, wants and lifestyle of the "now" generation of customers. It also engages in business activities such as but not limited to product distribution, provision of services, manufacturing, importing and exporting. In October 2014, the Precious Moments Lobby Shop was opened at the Century Park Hotel with a new Precious Moments Collectors Club Chapter. The Lobby Shop expanded its operations by opening a Bridal Boutique inside the Century Park Hotel.

     Our vision for Manila Precious Moments By Samuel J. Butcher Lifestyle Corporation is to be a company that is unique, relevant, and inspirational with the way it operates, the kind of products it offers and the services and experience it provides. 

     Our mission is to operate a company that is fully committed towards achievement of sustained corporate growth for the greater good and benefit of our company's stakeholders - our customers especially the Precious Moments collectors, our employees, our shareholders, and the community.

     The Manila Precious Moments Lifestyle Corporation's principal shareholders are Mr. Samuel J. Butcher (Creator of Precious Moments) and Mr. Jojo Sonillo. Its restaurant, showroom and corporate office  address is at 95 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City while its factory is located inside Sampaguita Gardens Resort in New Washington, Aklan.




Website:                        http://www.preciousmomentsmanila.com


Facebook Account:        https://www.facebook.com/preciousmomentsmanila


Facebook Like Page:     https://www.facebook.com/pages/Precious-Moments-Manila/362210837172530?ref=hl


Lobby Shop Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/preciousmomentslobbyshop


Twitter Account:          https://www.twitter.com/ThisIsPMManila


Instagram Account:     https://www.instagram.com/preciousmomentsmanila


Youtube Channel:        Precious Moments Manila 


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