Philippine Precious Moments Collectors' Community (PPMCC)


It was in July of 2011 when the Philippine Precious Moments Collectors Club was formally organized with 55 active collectors as club members. The acceptance and growth of the club during the first year was phenomenal with collectors’ club members numbering over 1,000 as of December 2012.


Our Shared Collectors' Community Vision

   A united, growing Collectors' community with members who are strongly bonded with a common interest and love for Precious Moments brand and who are deeply committed to espouse the PPMCC values of loving, caring, and sharing.


Our Collectors' Community Mission

   To become active ambassadors for Precious Moments by continually encouraging and inspiring regular and potential collectors' community members to serve with generosity of resources and spirit, and to pray with moving feet to help advance the PPMCC charitable causes, advocacies, and values of loving, caring, and sharing.


Charitable Causes, Advocacies, and Programs

   In line with the Precious Moments values of Loving, Caring, and Sharing, the Philippine Precious Moments Collectors' Club undertakes projects and advocacies geared towards honoring the Lord by reaching out and helping the underprivileged, by caring for the sick, by going into dynamic partnership with other organizations that support and empower the same charitable causes and advocacies like that of the PPMCC. Programs and ministries are categorized as follows:


1. Loving, Caring, Sharing and Touching Lives

    The club undertakes programs and services geared toward touching and encouraging individuals for them to experience self worth and inspire them to be better, positive individuals;


2. Loving, Caring, Sharing and Empowering Lives

    We reach out to deserving individuals and groups who aspire to achieve their dreams, learn skills, or simply help them to become productive and self-reliant;


3. Loving, Caring, Sharing and Restoring Lives

    Earmarked particularly for poor and unprivileged victims of natural disasters, grief, and financial straits, giving them an opportunity to overcome their distress, comfort for their grief and ably assisting them into the mainstream of society as independent, self-nurturing individuals and families;


4. Loving, Caring, Sharing and Celebrating Lives

    Our Collectors' Community are encouraged to actively support and to partner with government and other private groups in the advocacies like disease prevention and cure, ecological balance, and responsible use, care and preservation of our natural resources and environment.


PPMCC Local Chapters


I. Manila Precious Moments Collectors' Community Chapter


II. Love Goes On Forever Precious Moments Collectors' Club Chapter (at Century Park Hotel Precious Moments Lobby Shop)


III. weCOLLEC+, an online PPMCC community chapter


IV. Western Visayas Chapter


V. Cebu Chapter (SOON!)


Why Become A PPMCC Member?

  • One year subscription to our quarterly Moments Magazine, the official publication of Precious Moments Collectors' Club details and interests,
  • Exclusive access to the interactive "Club" area at

             -Chat with other collectors

             -Keep an online record of your collection

             -View and submit photos of favorite "precious moments"

             -Download PM screensavers, clipart and wallpapers

             -Get the latest products and events first hand

             -Be the first to read about club news

             -Exclusive opportunity

  • Automatic 10% discount at Precious Moments Showroom in Manila, at Sampaguita Gardens Resort and Jojo's Christmas Cottage in Aklan, and during trade shows being participated by Manila Precious Moments
  • Exclusive use of PPMCC-Pineapple Room (prior reservation needed), opportunity to attend Friday Night Learn A Skill Activity, and exclusive PPMCC members' only opportunity to attend Sam Butcher's signing
  • 20% discount on accommodation at Sampaguita Gardens Resort and Spa with FREE complimentary breakfast and transfers from and back to the airport
  • Free guided tour to the Sam Butcher Mansion and other museums operated by the Samuel J. Butcher Family of Companies in the Philippines
  • Automatic membership to the PM Philippines Customer Care Loyalty & Rewards Program


How to be a member of the community?

     One can be a member of the Philippine Precious Moments Collectors' Community by just availing any membership and/or collectors' kit figurine and paying the annual fee of PhP500.00.